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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Team

Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte & Rock Hill

It takes a team of very special Cat Sitters to make Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte successful, and to give your kitty the TLC she needs and deserves!

Meet a Few of the Key Members of Your
Just For Cats Charlotte Cat Sitting Team.

 Rita - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Ballantyne Cat Sitter

Robin - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Rock Hill Cat Sitter

Cammie - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Ballantyne Cat Sitter

Allie - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Carmel Cat Sitter

Barb - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Waxhaw Cat Sitter

Denice - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Cat Sitter


Jennifer - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Cat Sitting Services
Reservations and
Client Services – East

Connie - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Client Services
Reservations and
Client Services – West

Elijah - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Client Services
Membership Services
Content Writer

Brian - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Cat Sitting
Human Resources and
Operations Director

Cat Sitting Client Services Linda
Client Services and
Executive Director

Rita - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Cat Sitting CEO
Owner and Founding President

Lead Cat Care Specialist

Just For Cats Rock Hill Pet Sitter, RobinCats have always been intriguing to Robin, and she feels they deserve extra special care. While some cats may have an icy exterior, Robin knows that all cats are warm and fuzzy on the inside, and need lots of attention and love.

Born and raised in The Carolinas, Robin has had a total of seven cats in her life (so far!). Number seven is her current ball of fluff, Thomas, pictured here with Robin. Thomas can be arrogant and bossy, but he is also very sweet. Robin loves 12-year-old Thomas with all of her heart.

Robin is currently raising her two teenagers, whom she adores. She believes animals are like our children and need to be nurtured and cared for as such. Robin is active in her church and helps with children’s ministries and the food pantry. She also has assisted in the office with receptionist, accounting, and filing duties. In her spare time, Robin enjoys anything outdoors including long walks, hiking, kayaking, and camping. She is an avid reader, loves crossword puzzles and Sudoku, as well as playing board games.

Robin loves being a surrogate cat caretaker while mom and dad are away, and she does not take that responsibility lightly. Robin can’t wait to love your cats like one of her own.

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Cat Care Specialist

Just For Cats South Charlotte Pet Sitter, CammieAs a Charlotte native, Cammie has enjoyed seeing her hometown grow and change each year.

Always an avid animal lover, her special love for felines began over 15 years ago in earnest when she became an owner of two litter mate male kittens named Pepsi Cola and Fresca. They were such a joy to her and her family.

Today, in addition to her husband Dave, she shares her home with a tabby named Cokee (Cammie loves her beverages!) and a rescue black lab names Lexie. The two get along very well, and enjoy chasing each other around the house!

Cammie is excited to bring her pet sitting experience to you as a Cat Care Specialist with Just For Cats. She says, “My goal is to build rapport from the first meeting with your cat(s) while meeting their individual needs and bonding with play with special affection.”

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Cat Care Specialist

Just For Cats South Charlotte Pet Sitter, AllieAllie Davis is originally from Charlotte, NC. For the last 9 years, she has lived in George, working as a Pet Sitter for Gwinnett Pet Watchers.

We are lucky to snap Allie up as she returns to Charlotte to be close to her family. Allie has has loved animals since she was a little girl. She currently has two rescue cats, Moose and Jazzy Bell. Allie is also a photographer on the side, and of course loves photographing animals.

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Cat Care Specialist

Just For Cats Waxhaw Pet Sitter, BarbBarb has had an affinity with cats for as long as she can remember. She grew up with two cats at home, who both claimed her as theirs. 

When she and her husband John moved to Maputo, Mozambique as missionaries, they adopted Henrietta, a beautiful tortoise-shell longhair, when her US Embassy owner moved away. Henrietta would follow Barb everywhere as she visited neighbors, and responded vocally whenever Barb talked with her, which made people uncomfortable as cats were considered to be evil in that area. When they moved to Beira in the central part of the country, no such superstitions existed and Henrietta was accepted by the locals as the affectionate and intelligent family member that she was. 

Barb passed on her love for cats to twins Derek and Hannah, who brought home a steady stream of kittens abandoned on the streets of Beira. Most of them they cared for and re-homed to other missionary families, but one of them, an orange kitten named Nala, remained part of the family. She came to them with seizures, having been badly abused, but the family’s love and prayers restored her completely. People were always amazed that Barb could approach a spitting, wild kitten and within a few minutes, calm it in her arms.

John and Barb have been living in Waxhaw for the past eleven years, and are currently living with six rescue cats – Dimitri, Amber, Chester, Ross, Squeaky and Cleo – as well as a rescue black lab named Finn. Their house is in a secluded wooded area, and when Barb walks Finn, she is usually accompanied by one or more cats tagging along.

Barb is excited about her position with Just For Cats, and looks forward to meeting and bonding with your furry family members!

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Cat Care Specialist

Just For Cats Charlotte Pet Sitter, DeniceA native New Yorker, Denice relocated to Charlotte 10 years ago. She has always been a huge cat lover, having grown up with cats all her life. Her passion for animals influenced her decision to go vegetarian 25 years ago.

She currently has 3 feline fur babies that each have their own unique personalities: Kameron is the eldest, whom she and her husband adopted from the ASPCA while living in Brooklyn; Martini they decided to adopt from the Charlotte Humane Society; and the baby Kizmet who was “inherited” as a rescue.

Besides cats, Denice’s other passion in life is fitness. She is also a personal trainer and teaches fitness kickboxing.

Denice says “I feel very fortunate to be able to help humans as well as felines! I know how important it is as a “Cat Parent” to feel comfortable when you leave your fur baby in the hands of someone else.”

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Client and Reservations Services

LA cat sitting ConnieConnie is originally from Syracuse, New York but has been living in Los Angeles, California since 1993. Always believing she was a “dog person”, she adopted her first kitty, Sneakers (the black kitty with her in the picture) when she was just 4 weeks old and a pretty sick kitty. Sneakers totally stole her heart, so of course and she added Bandit to the family a few weeks later!

Bandit lived to be 16 years old and not long ago Connie lost her beloved Sneakers at age 18. Connie and her fiancee’ Paul have decided to let their broken hearts heal for a while before letting another kitty in but we are betting it won’t be long before there are meows and purrs in their home again!

While they wait, Connie will be busy answering phones and emails, as she works as part of our reservations staff as Just For Cats. Connie knows the concerns kitty parents have when they have to go out of town and get care for their fur babies. She is excited to be a part of the process, to match kitty moms and dads up with the PURRfect kitty care specialist, so they can enjoy their time away from home without worry!

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Membership Services and Content Writer

Elijah - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Client Services You’re probably wondering why Elijah is the only member of our team who does not have a kitty sitting on his shoulder. Elijah’s first cat was SPUTNIK, the family cat when he was a youngster growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He says don’t ask him how Sputnik ended up with the same name as a Russian satellite but that was her name!

Elijah is the newest member of our team and even though he doesn’t own a cat now, he’s been a friend of cats for years.  He asks that you don’t judge him for being more of a dog guy, he’s owned two chocolate Labrador Retrievers in his life, KoKo and Hershey. Sadly, Hershey, his second chocolate Lab had to be put down, after 12 happy years as Elijah’s best friend, just a week before Christmas in 2015.  

Elijah’s very excited to be joining our team, and admits that before this experience is all over, we may very well end up turning him into a cat guy. In fact, he has several friends who loves cats as much he loved Koko & Hershey.  He promises to introduce us to Oliver, the friendly feline who belongs to one of his best friends in Hattiesburg. Elijah admits it’s more like his friend belongs to Oliver.  (We know what he means, right?)  Elijah has friends who own both cats and dogs.  He admits to always making friends with the dogs first; he sees cats as a challenge. They probably know he’s been more of a dog person most of his life but Elijah, animal-lover that he is, usually ends up having those kitties rubbing their sides along his legs soon enough.  (Hey, Elijah…cats are smart!  They want to make sure you’re one of the good guys!)

By the way, Elijah has an interesting history all his own. He won’t tell you know old he is (just yet anyway) but in his young adult life, Elijah once weighed 484 pounds. People are always amazed at how much weight he’s lost but Elijah likes to stop them before they start talking about how MUCH weight he’s lost.  According to Elijah, that’s not the story. He insists, the real story is not that he lost nearly 300 pounds BUT…that he lost that much weight and has KEPT IT OFF for over 35 years.  You’ll get to meet him soon in our chats…about CATS.  We’re sure to end up having some interesting conversations about our four-legged family members, the ones that PURR and maybe even the ones that BARK, too!  Some of you may be happy enough to have both as members of your own family.   

Interestingly, Elijah, Rita, Linda, and Connie have all known each other for many years. We’re thrilled this family of friends has come together to make our experience here at Just For Cats and The New Cattitude Club on an exciting one!

Sounds like, well…the PURR-fect combination!  

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Human Resources and Operations Director

Just For Cats Pet Sitting Rock Hill Brian HallBrian grew up in the country, working on neighboring farms with cows and sheep. He had rabbits and raised a pig for 4H club. They had dogs in the house as he was growing up, and when he moved out, he adopted a ferret and an iguana. Although they had a few barn cats on the farm, they never had kitties in the house.

Years later, he had children who were begging for a kitty. When one of his daughters volunteered at FFRC, a kitty rescue, it wasn’t long before she wore him down and Subra came home. Subra needed a friend and was joined by Baaka and then Latte was rescued. One day, Brian asked why their three kitties were all females and decided they needed a male, and Brian went to the rescue to find a male to join the clan, which is how Warren joined the family! Today they have six kitties and one dog, and Brian is definitely a “kitty guy”. You can often find him with a kitty in his lap as he has learned the special joy that kitties bring to your life!

Brian is bringing over 20 years of management skills and 12 years in the banking industry to Just For Cats. He is combing his financial skills, his management skills and love for kitties, to help Just for Cats continue to run smoothly and happily to benefit our amazing clients and our awesome kitty care specialists!

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Client Services and Executive Director

Cat Sitting Client Services LindaLinda loves all animals but grew up with dogs as her mother is allergic to cats. Her Dad, who never had a kitty, thought he “didn’t like cats”. When Linda was a little girl she tried to sneak a kitten in, believing she could hide it in her closet but her Mom found it and she had to return it. (Note: Her parents have a kitty now which her father adores and allergy pills allow her Mom to snuggle happily!)

Linda and her husband Brian live in Ohio and have five children. In 2010, Linda’s daughter wanted to volunteer at a cat rescue and because she was too young to do it alone, Linda accompanied her. They fell in love with a kitty, of course and Brian finally gave in and said they would adopt Subra (in the picture with Linda). A few weeks later, it was decided they would adopt Bakka, to keep Subra company. After hearing about an older cat who had to be returned to the rescue, Latte was adopted (also in the picture), and because they couldn’t have an odd number, they rescued Warren next. None of them seems to remember what prompted Gallway’s rescue, but their son had only one request for his birthday, to rescue Drake, who was his 10th birthday present, bringing them to a total of six cats! (Sadly, after a year and a half, they tragically lost Drake, but he left an impression in their lives that will never be forgotten!)

Linda is excited to be working as Client and Membership Services Director here! She will be working with emails, phone calls and with the website. She will have the honor of working with all of the people who, like her, love kitties! She will get to help them get their pet sits set up and talk to them about their kitty needs. She will be a part of watching the website grow and make lots of friends with other kitty lovers, which she is very excited about!

Before coming to work here, Linda worked for 17 years for Richard Simmons, which is how she met Rita. Linda worked as Richard’s customer service manager on his website, working with the people who visited, putting up content and participating in chats. Health and working with people was a passion and she enjoyed the sense of family that was built by a community of people with a common interest. That is exactly what drew her here! She is excited to join with others who love kitties to build a community of friends and family of feline fanatics; to share our ideas, our thoughts, and just our love of those crazy cats who have taken over our hearts!

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Lead Cat Care Specialist
Founding President and Owner

Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Cat Sitter, Rita ReimersRita has always been drawn to animals, cats in particular. And they have always been drawn to her. She possesses a unique ability to communicate with and understand the tender nature of cats. Rita has had a special bond with cats since she was a child, and she shares her home with cats of all ages and temperaments.

Although she started providing cat sitting services professionally in 1998 when she lived in the Carolinas, it wasn’t until Rita relocated to the Los Angeles area that she was able to dedicate herself full time to cat care. Her company, initially named The Kat Lady, quickly began to flourish. It wasn’t long before Rita traded in her power suits and high heels for jeans and sneakers, her corporate office (and 6-figure corporate job) for a home office complete with a cat bed next to her computer and a few feline helpers, and her customer ordered deep blue BMW convertible for a pretty blue Toyota Camry Hybrid. (The Hybrid has now been retired for her dream car – a black Mercedes CLA 250. Yes, hard work pays off!)

Rita has been interviewed for and quoted in Cat Fancy, as well as in the CATS USA ANNUAL, and KITTENS USA. She has also been a contributor to websites such as Pet360,, Vocativ, Mental Floss, and PetSittingOlogy, to name a few. Rita has also been seen on Inside Edition, as their Cat Behaviorist for news stories such as Man Held Captive By Nasty Cat.

Read Rita's Column 'A New Cattitude' in Cat Fancy aka CasterRita Reimers is author of a cat behavior column called “A New Cattitude,” which is featured in every issue of Cat Fancy, now known as Catster Magazine.

In addition, Rita is also contributing Cat Behaviorist for, appearing in Cat Behavior Videos, as well as authoring many articles about cat care. Her cat expertise comes from many years of experience with cats as an owner, rescue volunteer, and cat behaviorist. Rita is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and is a Professional Member of the Cat Writers Association.

Rita has also been involved with various animal rescue organizations, such as Save-a-Life Cat Rescue, Found Animals, Kitten Rescue, The Stray Cat Alliance, and Actors and Others for Animals. Rita is currently a dedicated volunteer and is on the Board of Directors for The Humane Society of Lancaster SC, of which her mother, Mary Reimers, is founding president. She is also a big fan of Jackson Galaxy, whose wonderful staff often refer cases to her at that don’t make it onto his My Cat From Hell show. Before Jackson was well known, Rita and Jackson met when they took the same class at Slimmons with Rita’s fitness instructor and friend, Richard Simmons.

After living in Beverly Hills for 10 years, Rita returned to Charlotte to be near her family and friends. Having lived in the area for much of her adult life before moving to California, Rita has deep routes in the Charlotte community and she is happy to be living close her friends and family. Her parents and aunt also live in the area, making their home in nearby Lancaster, SC.

In addition to running Just For Cats Pet Sitting and The Cat Analyst, Rita and her staff are working hard to make her long-held dream of starting The Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary a reality. More details to follow as they become available!

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We visit kitty cats 365 days a year, including all major holidays.

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Our Reservations Desk is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, but we do check messages every few hours in case of emergencies.


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